Latex Lingerie

Fetisso Latex Lingerie:  Feels Ultra-Smooth on Your Skin

With smooth-as-silk fabric and seamless amazing, fit, you’re in Latex Heaven wearing Fetisso. Unlike conventional latex lingerie which sticks and rolls on your skin, you can easily slip into a sexy Fetisso outfit in seconds.

The perfect fit of Fetisso Latex is best demonstrated by our shiny latex thigh-highs.  Most latex stockings leave your foot and toes aching after only a few minutes.  By using a molded, anatomically designed left and right foot, our designer Rene Savoy has created the ultimate latex thigh-highs that you can actually wear.  For hours!  Similarly designed, our latex gloves fit so perfectly that you can see the outline of your fingernails through the material!

Easy to wear, amazing fit, and indestructible, Fetisso Lingerie will provide you with years of dressing pleasure.  Consider these qualities:

  • Ultra-strong, Seamless Latex
  • Amazing Fit
  • No Powder or Lube Needed
  • Indestructible
  • EZ  Clean
  • Full Warranty

Fetisso Latex: The rubber revolution is on!

Fine Handmade Latex Clothes from Brazil