Fetisso Masks & Hoods Review

A mask Tells Us More Than a Face

Oscar Wilde

Here is the scoop on masks and hoods from Fetisso. Like all the Fetisso gear, masks are made of molded Brazilian latex and are chlorinated which gives strength and a smooth finish which is really nice when pulling a skin-tight latex mask over your head.


We use term mask for the full face models with various openings, all of which include nose holes, and hood for the completely open-face mask.

#1140 Open Mask has open eyes, mouth and holes for breathing through the nose

#1120 Has closed eyes, open mouth and breathing holes

#1110 Closed, has nose openings only

#1410 is the Hood, which is like a balaclava, a fully open face affair

 Collar:  All come with a collar version which flows nicely about six inches below the neck on all sides

Sizes:  Small, medium, and large. (one of only two Fetisso items that dont come in XS or XL; the other is pony hooves)

Fit: The fit is typical of Fetisso, a smooth nice fitting, easy-to-put-on piece which you can probably wear in two of the three sizes depending on how tight you want to wear it. I’ve worn all the styles and am particularly fond of the open eyes/mouth model #1120. It shuts out light really well and fits well enough that I can wear easily for an hour or so of sensory deprivation or just plain relaxation. I’ve also slept in it and it doesn’t grab the pillow or sheets like other latex. There is no pinching or excessive tightness associated with typical latex because of the smooth finish and the quality of the mold. Neither is there zippers to catch in your hair.

Alterations: Another great thing about Fetisso chlorinated latex is that its strength is not compromised by cutting. I find the eyes a bit too perfectly oval and it is relatively easy to cut a more human eye, and, especially for the ladies and our models/dancers, we cut a more flattering eye pattern that shows the upper brow.

Price: Suggested retail should be in the $80 range for either model.  Not bad for a hood you can easily wear 200 times with reasonable care.

Cleaning:   Just rinse in warm to hot water with any mild soap.  Dries in minutes, no sticking to itself.