Chlorinated Latex Clothes

Chlorination Revolutionizes Latex Fashion

Wearing latex clothes is for many, the ultimate in sensual sexy clothing.  Sadly, until now, wearing latex was a real pain.  Good news:  Chlorination is to latex clothing what vulcanization(think Charles Goodyear) was to automobile tires.  But what does this mean for latex fashion? For starters, it’s huge.

Thanks to chlorination, latex is now easy to put on and take off and most importantly, comfortable to wear. No more powder or lube needed.  You won’t sweat a lot because there is no friction from the latex. Now you can wear your latex leggings under a skirt, pants or a dress. Best of all, chlorinated latex feels wonderful on your skin.  It’s an amazing sensation, like a gentle embrace or sensuous caress on the skin. You literally have to feel it to believe it.

Chlorinated latex is virtually indestructible.  If somehow you manage to tear it, you can still wear it. It’s rough, tough, urban and sexy, all at once.  Cleaning is a breeze.  It washes in seconds, dries in minutes, doesn’t stick to itself, and stores flat as a pancake. Chlorinated Latex: No pain, huge gain. Here’s the lowdown on the new latex:

Conventional Latex:

  • Sticky Surface, Strenuous to Put On
  •  Sticks to Your Skin, Clothing and to Itself
  • A Lot of Friction=Perspiration
  • Tears easily
  • Difficult and Tedious to Wash and Store

Chlorinated Latex:

  • Smooth Surface, Easy to Slide On.
  • Doesn’t Stick to You, or Your Clothes
  • No Friction= No Sweat
  • Ultra-strong, Tear Resistant
  • Washes and Dries in Minutes, Stores Flat




Fine Handmade Latex Clothes from Brazil