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Friction-How Wearing Fetisso is Cool

Sheet latex clothing has a tacky inside finish that sticks to your skin.  Even if you use plenty of corn starch or powder or liquid lube, the extra friction on your skin causes heat which translates to you sweating within a few minutes of putting on the item.

Not that sweating is all bad, in fact many rubberists love what they call the “squish factor”, that occasion when just the right amount of friction causes a very thin layer of perspiration to act as a buffer against the skin.  It is truly a sensual feeling.  While it lasts.  All to often the squish factor turns into the drip factor, and every movement you make comes with sweat running down and around every crack and crevice of your anatomy.  And it also helps to have a bathtub handy when disrobing, or at least a bath towel.

Fetisso Latex clothes. on the other hand, have an ultra-smooth finish on the inside that makes putting on latex a breeze.  What used to take several minutes now takes a few seconds.

Another plus is that once you have the garment on, the smooth finish keeps friction against your skin to a minimum, which means that you will keep cool wearing Fetisso more so than regular sheet latex.  Once you put on a shirt or top, you can instantly feel the smoothness against your skin.  The latex gives slightly as you move, causing much less friction than ordinary latex, and thus makes Fetisso cooler to wear.

Give it a try next time you’re in your favorite fetish shop.