Wearing and Caring for Fetisso Latex Clothes

First Do No Harm

Avoid any oil or petroleum product.  Some powders contain oils.  You don’t need powder with Fetisso.  Avoid wearing sharp jewelry.  Store in a dark cool place, avoid excessive direct sunlight.

Allergic Reaction

The most common allergic reaction to wearing latex is contact dermatitis.  Some allergy compounds are neutralized during the chlorination process, it is said. This lessens the chance of contact dermatitis, which are thought to be experienced by approximately one in every 200,000 people.

Putting it on

First, you don’t need powder, cornstarch, body lube, etc.   If you’ve worn latex, just follow the usual rules, no sharp objects, no sharp jewelry, don’t grab with finger nails,etc.  For stockings and gloves, pull on the hand or foot first, then pull up the rest of the garment.

Always gather the latex to pull over tight spots, especially the heel of the foot and the butt of the hand.  Smooth out any air pockets.  From there, you’ll be amazed how easily the garment slips on.

Shine it

Currently, Fetisso ships with a light coating of condidioner, similar to milky-colored protectants on the market.  In the package, it might dry into mildly sticky areas. Just rub out by hand or mist with Meguiars Supreme to loosen the dried polish, then work it into the fabric using the palm of your hand.  You can do a mini skirt in 1 minute.  The fabric naturally absorbs the polish- some areas, might need repeating with a light mist.  Let dry for a few minutes and you should have a shine that will last for a good while at a party or several days/weeks on a hanger.  As mentioned, we use Meguiar’s Supreme.  Get it at your favorite automotive store, it seems to work better with chlorinated latex and it smells better than the rest of these type products.   Just a fine mist.  We’re experimenting with Viv-a shine.

Wash it

Handwash with mild soap, hand soap, shampoo, and/or just warm water.   Dry on a towel on a rack.  Usually dries within minutes.  Easy to turn inside out.  Amazingly easy to care for. You can also store a lot of Fetisso in a small drawer or suitcase.  Keep it handy in the bedroom.

Wear it

When its time to party, shine with your favorite polish, silicone (dimethylsiloxane), even armor all.  Bring a small spritz of polish in your handbag for shining during the party. It washes or wipes right your hands and smells pretty good, like suntan lotion.

Store it

Store in a dark cool place, just like fine wine.   You can put a bra, brief, gloves, mask and a pair of stockings in a shoe box.

Give it

Give him or her a special gift from Fetisso; a Valentine, Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Washington’s Birthday, you get the picture.

Live it

Fetish; Fashion, Power, Sex. Wearing latex is fun, sexy, and now, easy.  Fetisso: Skintight.  Shiny.  Ultra-strong.  Easy to wear.

Fetisso-Revolutionary Latex Clothing

Fetisso: The Latex Revolution- Utra Strong; Easy Care; Amazing Fit.

Fetisso has adopted our US marketing slogan as the company’s new world-wide catchphrase.  The next posts will focus on these qualities that separate Fetisso from traditional latex clothes.

Ultra Strong

Vulcanization of rubber was invented by Charles Goodyear and patented in the US in 1837.  The process allowed ordinary rubber to become more elastic and improved its strength immensely.   Chlorinating latex is a similar process and makes wearing Fetisso clothes a truly unique experience.  The surface is ultra-smooth and glides over the skin easily and effortlessly.  The increased elasticity gives Fetisso clothing a strength not achievable with sheet latex.

In early production of our show Fetish, we began using Fetisso for the first time and were amazed at how quickly the cast could get in and out of the clothes—without cornstarch!  Then we discovered how they could pull and tug at the clothes and they would simply not tear and hardly showed fingernail marks.  You can tell a Las Vegas dancer to be careful with their fingernails when putting on latex, but in a quick change, they forget this in an instant.

Cut-out Latex Stockings & Gloves?

Amazing Stockings!   We also knew that in several acts, the dancers wear dance tights or go barefooted and didn’t have the critical feel of their feet and toes wearing regular latex stockings.  Fetisso stockings are made from anatomical molds, so there is a left and right footed stocking to make a pair.  We tried cutting out the forward part of the foot and found that the rubber did not tear as we expected it would. even during an intense rehearsal.

Enlightened, we then cut out the fingers of the gloves with the same effect.  Our show choreography is complicated and athletic-there are a lot of walk-overs, hand-stands, lifts, and other moves that require the touch and grip of the fingers.  The strength was mind-blowing.   We never imagined using latex so strong. We even used the cut-out fingers to add as accessories and color accents, wearing red fingertips over black gloves, or black fingertips over transparent gloves.

Next, we tried putting Fetisso in the washing machine. Yes, a regular washing machine. Now, imagine having 10-15 characters on stage, each wearing latex costumes or accessories.  With a bra and g, stockings, gloves, and a mask, that’s 7 articles of rubber each.  Just for that production number. Now imagine the pile of wet rubber clothes you have at the end.  Its a LOT of rubber clothes to clean.  We put in the wash, twenty, thirty, even forty items at a time.  Fetisso is so pliable, you can fit a lot of clothes in a washing machine, so we kept adding and adding.   Warm water, a dash of liquid detergent, regular cycle, regular spin.  NO PROBLEM. We didn’t put in the dryer, of course.  The washing machine had no effect whatsoever on the clothing, and it made our wardrobe mistress very happy in the process.

So there you have it-the amazing quality of vulcanized or chlorinated latex gives Fetisso a strength we never imagined and we really put it to the test.  Right now we have about twenty pair of cut-out stockings and gloves, each has been worn dozens of times-on stage!  How’s that for strong?




Fetisso Latex at ILS Fashion Show

Its pronounced “Feh-tee’-soh”. The fashion show narrator mis-pronounced Fetisso. Totally my bad, I should have anticipated this and made sure she knew.  No matter as PT Barnum said, I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right.  Besides, I love her commentary.  She’s cool, she knows about wearing latex.  Check out Fetisso Latex in a video from the runway at the International Lingerie Show last month in Las Vegas.

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