2nd Skin Fetisso Latex, Another Post

I’ve already tried to describe the unbelievable second skin sensation that Fetisso has.  Here is another go as in the recently updated about wearing latex page on the website.

If you have worn latex before, you know rubber clothes are typically difficult to get on.  Fetisso Latex has an ultra-smooth finish on the inside which makes getting into and wearing the clothes a snap.  No more powder, baby powder or lubes are needed.   Additionally Fetisso does not stick to itself.  Just wash in warm soapy water and set aside to dry.  The ease of care is a huge improvement over sheet latex.

In addition, the smooth outside finish of Fetisso creates a remarkable second skin that you don’t even realize you’re wearing!  Ask your partner to glide their fingers over the ultra-smooth rubber while you’re wearing it.  Amazingly, it heightens your sense of touch two or three times!  You will love the slightest touch of the finger tip, or the sharper sensation of finger nails.  You have to feel it to believe it!

If you have not worn latex before, welcome to the world of sexy, sensual Fetisso Latex clothing-the sexiest fetish wear on the planet.  Easy to put on, easy to care for, and wonderfully sensual, Fetisso Latex will add a completely new dimension to your love life,  and an exciting wardrobe addition to your night life.  ENJOY!

 Candice Bushnell (aka Carrie Bradshaw) wrote in her Vogue Magazine feature on wearing latex; Rubber clothes are for showing off and acting out, for doing everything your shrink told you not to do, for being everything you always wanted to be. The allure of wearing a smooth, shiny hard-as-steel, second skin is compelling.  Latex  smooths and hugs your skin, magically firming in just the right places.  It feels amazingly good on your skin and magnifies your sense of touch in a delightful way. picture of woman in shiny fetisso latex lingerie

Wearing Latex is Like Having a Second Skin

Recently my wife and I attended a presentation on the art of fellatio at the Erotic Heritage Museum.  Presiding was Dr. Amanda Morgan, a sexologist who happens to be the youngest doctorate graduate of the Institute of Advanced Human Sexuality.   As she described her favorite fellatio fundamentals in a fittingly informal forum of fifteen or so folks, it dawned on me that this was one formidable femme whose forays into fetish are considerable.

When she spoke of the skin as the biggest organ of the body and how chock full of nerve endings, it reminded me of the feeling of wearing good latex clothes.  It feels exactly like a second skin.  When it gets wet, it feels like you’re wet.  When it gets hot, you feel hot, just as if you were wearing nothing at all.

What’s better, is Fetisso Latex, with its smooth finish inside and out, elevates the sensitivity by 50% or more.  The light touch of hands or fingers feels like pure heaven.  If you rub harder, like with your palm, it literally vibrates or resonates-a better term.  It’s like an elevation of the senses.  Like when you are blindfolded, your hearing picks up measurably.  Likewise, when the skin is covered with something this smooth, snug, and comfortable, your sense of touch elevates dramatically.

When your partner touches you all over with a light pressure, it feels absolutely sinsational.  Even better, try wearing a pair of hot pants, shorts, or briefs and enjoy the feeling of your partner’s tongue which I guarantee will drive you wild.   Even more amazing is the feeling when he/she goes down on you (fantastic) or better yet, way downtown (sublime), if you know what I mean. Dr. Morgan also campaigned about wearing protection or dental dams wherever and whenever the occasion presents itself.  For non-monogamous people I suppose.  Sex Positive indeed.

Regular sheet latex feels great on the skin and to the touch but this is major league pure and simply divine.  Get a pair today and see feel what I mean. 

Nobody Wears Latex

I just heard this very old story illustrating the difference between positive thinking and negative thinking and found how it relates to our product.

Many years ago two salesmen were sent by a British shoe manufacturer to Africa to investigate and report back on market potential.

The first salesman reported back, “There is no potential here – nobody wears shoes.”

The second salesman reported back, “There is massive potential here – nobody wears shoes.”

New Size Chart

We have been revising our size chart lately and we hope it is finally complete!  With a lot of interest from the men’s market, we realized that men’s and ladie’s stocking sizes are not the same.  Duh!  And there was plenty of confusion on the bras and tops.  We hope our new chart will be easier to read.  If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know.       view new size chart

Friction-How Wearing Fetisso is Cool

Sheet latex clothing has a tacky inside finish that sticks to your skin.  Even if you use plenty of corn starch or powder or liquid lube, the extra friction on your skin causes heat which translates to you sweating within a few minutes of putting on the item.

Not that sweating is all bad, in fact many rubberists love what they call the “squish factor”, that occasion when just the right amount of friction causes a very thin layer of perspiration to act as a buffer against the skin.  It is truly a sensual feeling.  While it lasts.  All to often the squish factor turns into the drip factor, and every movement you make comes with sweat running down and around every crack and crevice of your anatomy.  And it also helps to have a bathtub handy when disrobing, or at least a bath towel.

Fetisso Latex clothes. on the other hand, have an ultra-smooth finish on the inside that makes putting on latex a breeze.  What used to take several minutes now takes a few seconds.

Another plus is that once you have the garment on, the smooth finish keeps friction against your skin to a minimum, which means that you will keep cool wearing Fetisso more so than regular sheet latex.  Once you put on a shirt or top, you can instantly feel the smoothness against your skin.  The latex gives slightly as you move, causing much less friction than ordinary latex, and thus makes Fetisso cooler to wear.

Give it a try next time you’re in your favorite fetish shop.

Fetish Factory Celebrates 16th Annual Fetish Weekend

Fetish Factory, one of the best fetish stores on the east coast, celebrates their annual Fetish Weekend this Memorial Day weekend in Ft. Lauderdale.  We wish them continued success with this amazing three-day event chock full of fetish fantasy events. Visit their website for a full schedule.  FF also hosts a monthly fetish party, Alter Ego, which is one of the best monthly events in the US, drawing over 500 enthusiastic fetish revelers to each of its unique events.

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